Bed bug Poison – How to remove them from our home forever

One of the favorite places of bed bug are the beds, as they find in the bed a warm place and especially the food to survive, because the bites of bed bug every time you go to bed are annoying.

Throwing the mattresses would be the best, but not the most effective option, as we always deal with bed bugs, the good thing is that there are poisons for bedbugs, naturaily or the so-called poisons for homemade bedbugs, ending with this problem of root, having a healthy bed again and forgetting the bed bug bites.


What are bedbugs?

Bedbugs are insects very similar to beetles and tend to feed on blood, either aninales or human, injecting anticoagulant and irritant substances, being very difficult to appreciate at first sight, also the bedbugs bites are carriers of infections because they are infected with sick people to sting them, these parasites multiply in the intestine of the person and can be trasnmitidos from one person to another.

Veneno para Chinches

Poisons for homemade bedbugs

How to remove bedbugs?


How to remove bed bugs? The steam is the most known and effective home remedies to end the bedbugs as these bugs do not withstand high temperatures, so the steam is excellent to exterminate them, also helps to eliminate the eggs of these parasites avoiding its expansion, as there are many bed bugs, and exterminate them with high steam temmperaturas.
A recommendation is to apply very hot steam (120 ° F or more/48.8 ° C) on your mattress, clothes, sheets and curtains.

The Sun

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of bed bugs? Or if there is any effective bedbug poison? Without a doubt the high temperatures cause the bedbugs to exterminate, so the sun will be your best ally, excellent steam alterninativa, for this we recommend removing the mattress and expose them directly to the sun, in long periods, will help you to eliminate bed bugs.

Peppermint Oil

what kills bed bugs? We mentioned earlier that peppermint is an excellent repellent for all types of pests, mint releases a strong odor that repels pests, insects, generating allergy. Goodbye, bedbugs.
so that the mint oil or planted in your garden will help your home to get flooded with these bedbugs.
If you do not have peppermint oil used lavender and it has almost the same effect, make sure that no member of your family has an allergic reaction, no doubt peppermint oil is one of the best poison for known home bugs.

Kión Powder

Known in other countries as turmeric, because of its high content of curcumin, how do you get rid of bed bugs? You keep wondering how to do it, is without a doubt this powder Kión the best enemy for annoying bedbugs.
The Cúrcumina has a high antimicrobial power, which affects the environment in the presence of these pests, we recommend you to make this powder in your bed for disposal.
What originates that the Kión is effective is that it cuts the oxygen, dying or migrandolos to other sites, without a doubt an excellent home remedies for bed bugs


Clove is a special plant that works as a poison for bedbugs, the Clove has a very strong aroma, which repels all kinds of insect or bug, so generate many use it in the garden to scare the zompopos, how to kill bed bugs?,use the clove in your day to day to kill bedbugs.


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